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December 10, 2008: New Canadian Champion Laureate Jivara.  Cocoa sweeps the points at Credit Valley to finish her title from the junior puppy bitch class.  Thank you Allison Foley for your care and handling of our sweet puppy!

December 10, 2008: Candid pictures of Storm playing in the snow on her page.

December 8, 2008: Cocoa goes to the Brantford show and picks up 3 x RWB and back to back Best Puppy in Groups.   She was expertly handled by Allison Foley.

November 30, 2008: New photos of Cocoa on the hopefuls page.

November 21, 2008: New American Championship for "Lilly".  It is now MBIS/BISS/BPIS/BPISS Am/Can Ch. Shelhaven Pop'n Up At Talisker.  Congratulations to her dedicated owner/handler Sharon Ayers (Talisker.  Lilly was co-bred by Karen and Bob Henley, Shelhaven Shelties.

November 16, 2008: Laureate Jivara (Cocoa) goes to her first dog show and wins 4 points and a Puppy Group.  We are really proud of this girl and how she handled herself.

November 7, 2008: New photo of Bunny (Poodle) on her page.

Juno (6 months) and Bunny (14 weeks) enjoying Indian Summer.

 Run Bunny Run!

November 4, 2008: Some snapshots from a lovely walk on a beautiful fall day...

October 29, 2008:  New photos on our puppies page.

October 14, 2008:  We learn from owner/trainer Lin Battaglia (mdt Agility-Ability) that Sweep once again is on the NADAC TOP TEN LIST for 2008!  This is an amazing accomplishment.  Congratulations Lin!

October 4, 2008:  New page for our newest addition!

September 14, 2008: Congratulations to JoAnn and Terry Pavey (Whitegates Shelties) on winning Best of Breed from the Veterans class with BIS/BISS Am/Can Ch. Laureate Fifth Avenue at the Detroit Specialty!  What a wonderful win under noted breed specialist Mrs. Barbara Linden.

August 30, 2008: We just received the show photo of Am/Can Ch. Laureate Givalia winning Group 2nd under judge Mark Houston-McMillan June 29th.  "Gigi" is the ROMC maker for her dam, BISS Am/Can Ch. Laureate Gabrielle, ROMC, shown by Kim and is owned by Tray Pittman and Paul Flores.

July 18, 2008: It is now Ch. Laureate LaPerla"Bridgit" wins BW for five more points at the Kars show under noted judge Joe Tacker to finish!  "Bridgit" is our 75th Canadian Champion, 117th overall Champion titlist.


July 13, 2008: New Canadian Champion.  Am/Can Ch. Laureate Givalia finishes under breeder judge Judi Byrne at the Association Canine Charlevoisienne show.  "Gigi" finishing makes her dam, Am/Can Ch. Laureate Gabrielle a ROMC!  Thank you so much to Tray Pittman and Paul Flores for all you have done to make this possible!

We also showed our lovely Bridgit (Laureate LaPerla), pictured left en route to a Group 2nd and her third Best Puppy in Group. 


"Roughing it, or is it ruffing it?" with Bridgit and Gigi at Le Manoir Richelieu!

June 29, 2008: Am. Ch Laureate Givalia (owned by Tray Pittman and Paul Flores) wins Breed over five Specials and on to Group 2nd under breeder judge Mark Houston-McMillan.  "Gigi" is up to 9 points.

May 26, 2008: New American Champion!  It is now Am. Ch Laureate Givalia.  "Gigi" was handled to her last major by Jessica Starbuck.  "Gigi" is the seventh American Champion for her sire, Ch. Laureate Landslide, ROMC and the third American Champion for her dam, BISS Am/Can Ch. Laureate Gabrielle.
Congratulations to owners Tray Pittman and Paul Flores (PaRay Shelties).

We hear "Lilly" has now 23 Best in Show wins to her credit, now tied for the all-time record!  "Lilly" is formally known as BIS/BISS/BPIS/BPISS Ch. Shelhaven Pop'n Up At Talisker and is owned and handled to her wins by Sharon Ayers (Talisker Shelties).  We are proud co-breeders along with Karen and Bob Henley, Shelhaven Shelties.

May 25, 2008: Laureate LaPerla wins back to back Bests of Breed over Specials and two Group Thirds to bring her to ten points her first weekend out!  Bridgit is pictured from ringside on the right.  Thanks James for this snapshot.

It is now OTCh Laureate Delicate Crystal, Am CD, CGN!  Congratulations to owner/trainer Lynda Morrissey for obtaining this title in three consecutive trials.  This is Champion number four for her dam, BISS Am/Can Ch. Laureate Gabrielle.

May 21, 2008: Another Best in Show win for BIS/BISS/BPIS/BPISS Ch. Shelhaven Pop'n Up At Talisker!  This brings Lilly's total up to 22.  Congratulations to owner/handler Sharon Ayers (Talisker Shelties).


BISS Am/Can Ch. Laureate Santana, ROMC

October 8, 1993 - April 22, 2008

It is with incredible sadness that we announce the passing of one of the breed's finest.  "Tanner" was the beloved once-in-a-lifetime companion of Denise Cornelssen, Miqelon Shelties.  Tanner charmed the judges with his standard-perfect head and expression, and sound body and movement and sweet temperament.  His first ring appearance was at the CSSA National in 1994, where he won his class, won the heart of Denise and then went home with her.  Subsequent CSSA National wins included Best of Breed, twice Best of Opposite Sex and then at the American Nationals, three Awards of Merit and in pursuit of his fourth, he "rose to the occasion" and took the coveted Best of Breed, being the oldest Sheltie to do so!

Farewell, and thank you Tan-Man.


March 30, 2008: Our last great walk of winter. 
The thaw has begun and soon we'll be walking in green fields once again!

Little "Bridgit" catching up to the rest!

March 2008: With all the snow, Paris can bounce higher than our six foot fencing!

March 9, 2008: Am Ch. El Solo Infinity wins AOM at the SSC of Hawaii.  Judge Dorothy Christiansen, shown by owner/co-breeder Margorie Norstrom, El Solo Shelties.

March 9, 2008: El Solo Serenity wins  a five point major WB/BW at the SSC of Hawaii.  This brings "Miata" up to 14 points, three majors.  She is co-owned by Suk Man Wong and Marjorie Norstrom and bred by
Marjorie Norstrom, Kim Aston, Peter Culumovic.  Both Infinity and Serenity are by Am Ch. Elora Mastequila and out of Can Ch. Laureate Eternity.

February 23, 2008: "Valerie" has a new page now.

May 22, 1994 - February 22, 2008

February 22, 2008: We say farewell to Am/Can Ch. Laureate Jammin' Up The Tempo.  "Tempo" was the beloved companion of JoAnne Griffin (Jammin' Shelties).  She was the dam of our top producing Ch. Laureate Landslide, ROMC as well as Am Ch. Jammin' Consort Coronado (Mercer).  She also produced the amazing performance stars: MACH Jammin' Up-N-At Em OTCH Jammin' Got Rhythm UDX (co-owned by Tina Mazza and JoAnne Griffin); Jammin' Vertical Velocity UD, RN (owned by Lori Drouin); Jammin' Tag Dancin' Yer It, OA, OAJ, CGC; S-OAC, S-OGC, S-OJC, RTD/TDI HCT; Jammin' Dancin' Toon Trapper, Novice Triple Superior, Open Versatility, OAC, OJC, S-OGC, TN-E, WV-E, TG-O, S-TN-E, (owned by Greg and Lyn Battaglia).

February 10, 2008: Back to back Best in Show wins for BIS/BISS/BPIS/BPISS Ch. Shelhaven Pop'n Up At Talisker!  This brings Lilly's total to 21, building on her record of top winning BIS female in Canada.  Congratulations to owner Sharon Ayers (Talisker Shelties).

January 20, 2008: Another American Champion offspring for Ch. Laureate Landslide, ROMC.  Congratulations to breeder/owner Jessica Starbuck for finishing her young dog,
Am. Ch. Jesstar Affirmation.  This makes the sixth American Champion for Landslide.

January 19, 2008: We are proud co-breeders of new American Champion PaRay's Make A Splash!  "Rainy" is by BISS Am/Can Ch. Hannalore Tiger Rag x Laureate Verona (Louisiana grand-daughter).  He is owned by co-breeders Tray Pittman and Paul Flores, PaRay Shelties.

 January 2008: We have had a LOT of snow this season!

To see a summer view click here.

  The dogs don't seem to mind!

Valerie, Gage, Paris and Eva

Our most recent advertisement in the Sheltie International honouring Yvonne DeFreitas,
Krystalyn Shelties...featuring our beautiful littermates, Mais Oui and Paris.

January 1, 2008: Happy New Year!


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