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November 18, 2004: At the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Northern Alabama, Can. Ch. Laureate Pavlova (pictured below) wins a five point major and a five point major reserve!  Thank you to judges Cathi Gorman and Bonnie Smith.  Lovey was co-bred by Brenda Campbell (Anamchara Shelties).

New Champion Laureate Brocade!  Congratulations to owner Margaret Pratt (Sharrow Shelties).  "Brooke" finished with a Best of Breed from the classes, beautifully handled by Rachel Pratt (Bancroft Shelties).  Brooke was co-bred by Brenda Campbell (Anamchara Shelties).

New Champion Laureate Vanilla Sky.  "Bunny" was co-bred by Karen and Bob Henley (Shelhaven) and is the fourth Champion for her dam, Laureate Savanna White.  She was expertly handled by Sharon Foley (Talisker Shelties).

October 24, 2004: New Champion Laureate Shakira!  Shakira is owned by Ginette Plouffe (Shalligy Shelties).  Shakira is the second Champion for Laureate Tiramisu.


January 25, 1989 - October 12, 2004

October 12, 2004:  It is the end of an era for us, as we say farewell to the other half of our special duo.  Sparkie and Hannah were inseparable, joined at the hips.  Sparkle appeared lost since the recent passing of her sister, and it seemed that she could not live without her.  She stopped eating and quickly faded away. 

Sparkle and Hannah were such a large part of our lives, being at our sides every day for almost sixteen years.  We were very fortunate but feel very sad to lose them.  Sparkle will be most remembered for her sunny disposition and total devotion, and Hannah for her cuteness and talent.  They were our best friends and will be in our hearts forever.


January 25, 1989 - September 27, 2004

September 27, 2004:  We say farewell to our beloved and sweetest friend "Hannah".  Pete and I feel lucky to have had her grace our lives.  To us, she was perfect in every way.

September 25, 2004: New American Champion!  It is now Am. Ch. Jade Mist Coastal Country Girl (Shanay).  Shanay was co-bred by Carol Howell (Jade Mist Shelties) and is owned and loved by Tammy Alden and Pauline Brolin (Coastal Shelties).

September 11, 2004: New page for new Champion Laureate Chenille.  "Heather" finishes with back to back Breed wins and a Group 1st from the classes!  Many thanks to Liz and Tom Graham (Graloch Shelties) for raising and show training this darling girl.

BEST IN SHOW win for BIS/BISS/BPIS Am/Can Ch. Laureate City Angel, ROMC!  Congratulations to owners Karen and Bob Henley (Shelhaven Shelties).


September 5, 2004: Champion number nine for Ch. Laureate Landslide.  It is now Ch. Amberlyn's Destiny at Dalgarnoch.  Congratulations to breeders Betty and Kim Sawatsky (Amberlyn Shelties) and owner Bettijane Flannigan (Dalgarnoch Shelties).

August 20, 2004:  New ROMC title for Ch. Laureate's Texan At Nationview.  Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this title!

July 31, 2004: It is now American Champion Laureate Latitude!  "Alfie" finished quickly with three majors, handled by Nick and Joel (Sunway).  Many thanks to co-owner Liz Boyd-Oliver (Jubilee Shelties, N.C.)!  Alfie is the first American Champion for his sire, Can. Ch. Laureate Landslide, and the second for his dam, Can. Ch. Laureate Meringue.

July 12, 2003:  New title for BIS/BISS/BPIS Am/Can Ch. Laureate City Angel.  She now has her ROMC title!  Congratulations to Karen and Bob Henley (Shelhaven Shelties)!

July 7, 2004: New photos of Can. Ch. Laureate Lexus.  "Lexus" is the dam of BISS Am/Can Ch. Laureate Louisiana, and typical of our line, looks even better as she gets older.

June 19, 2004: Best in Show win for BIS/BPIS/BPISS Ch. Shelhaven Pop'n Up At Talisker.  "Lilly" was co-bred with our good friends, Karen and Robert Henley and is owned by Todd and Sharon Foley.

June 6, 2004: At the DCSSA Specialty Show, BISS Am/Can Ch. Laureate Louisiana wins Best of Breed!  This is the fourth year running that a Laureate bred bitch has won this Specialty, and the seventh time in eleven years that one of our girls took Best at the DCSSA Specialty.  Thank you to Rachel Pratt for your expert presentation!

June 5, 2004: We are a bit late, but we have some exciting show wins to report.  Laureate Latitude (Alfie) has ten U.S. points (both majors) in his first three weekends out with Nick Joines and Joel McCarthy.  "Alfie" is co-owned and loved by Liz Boyd-Oliver (Jubilee Shelties, N.C.).

 At the CSSA National Specialty, BIS/BISS/BPIS Am/Can Ch. Laureate City Angel (owned by Karen and Robert Henley) wins an Award of Merit!  Best in Sweepstakes was won by Multiple BPIS Ch. Shelhaven Counterstrike (co-bred with owners Karen and Robert Henley)

May 3, 2004: New Champion Laureate Eternity.  "Breeze" is the seventh Canadian Champion for her young sire,
Ch. Laureate Landslide, and also the seventh Champion for her dam, our top producing Ch. Laureate Just Imagine, ROMC.  Congratulations to owner Margie Norstrom (El Solo Shelties), and thank you to her talented handler, Rachel Pratt. 

U.S. Specialty Best of Breed win for the young Special, BISS Am. Ch. Laureate Allure.  Thanks to judge Ellen Worthington!  "Asia" is co-owned with our good friend, Yvonne Defreitas, Krystalyn Shelties.


March 14, 2004: Two new American Champions this weekend.  Our 24th American Champion is BIS/BISS/BPIS Am/Can Ch. Laureate City Angel, owned and loved by Karen and Bob Henley (Shelhaven Shelties).  Lexi finished with three consecutive five point Specialty majors in the space of a week! 

BIS/BISS/BPIS Am/Can. Ch. Laureate City Angel

Our 25th American Champion is thirteen month old Am. Ch. Laureate Allure!  "Asia" from first point to last finished in three weekends with four majors (two were at Specialties).  She is co-owned with Yvonne DeFreitas, Krystalyn Shelties.
So in the last five weeks, Laureate bred Shelties have won ten U.S. majors (six Specialty)!
March 8, 2004: At the PVSSC Specialties in Maryland, Laureate Shelties won three five point majors! 
BIS/BPIS/BISS Can. Ch. Laureate City Angel made her adult debut to win back to back 5 point majors under judges Barbara Thompson and Sharlene Defee-Rubenstein.  "Lexi" is owned by Karen and Bob Henley (Shelhaven Shelties) and was shown to perfection by Rachel Pratt and Zana Friend.  Also winning a five point major was Lexi's half brother, Can. Ch. Laureate Landau!  "Andy" is by Can. Ch. Laureate Landslide x BISS Am/Can. Ch. Laureate Gabrielle.  Placing second in her class of 16 on Sunday was Laureate Lancome.  Andy and L'Annie were also expertly handled by Rachel Pratt.

March 1, 2004: Three more points for Laureate Allure.  This brings her to 10 points both majors in the last two weekends of shows!  Also winning this weekend was Laureate Disclosure.  "Devon" wins a 4 point major and a major reserve in Arizona.  Congratulations to co-owners Tray Pittman and Paul Flores.

February 16, 2004: Back to back majors for Laureate Allure.  "Asia" is by Am/Can Ch. Classy Tresta's Bronson x Am/Can Ch. Laureate Classy L'Image.  She won a four point major at Nor-Cal Specialty under judge Melanie Williams, and then a three point major the following day under breeder- judge Sulie Greendale-Paveza.  Congratulation to co-owner Yvonne DeFreitas (Krystalyn Shelties)!  Pictured above with handler, Tammie Gabrielson.

February 5, 2004: Laureate Divinity wins her second four point major!  Congratulations to co-owner Hector Hector.

January 25, 2004: Happy 15th birthday to our wonderful littermates, BIS/BISS Am/Can Ch. Laureate Starlight Express and Am/Can Ch. Laureate Search Party!


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