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In September 2003 we moved to Fox Hill Farm, located in Carp Ontario, approximately 30 minutes from downtown Ottawa.  Situated on 48 acres, the home overlooks Cody Creek, and in back are meadows and a forested hill (Fox Hill).  There is an abundance of wildlife living in and around this beautiful property, including fox, beaver, racoon, otter, deer and many bird and duck varieties.


Drone photo 2019


Fox Hill Farm aerial view October 2006.  Thank you Debbie Doyle for
taking me for the fabulous sunset plane ride Thanksgiving weekend.

The driveway, July 2004

Fox Hill Farm house front view, June 2007

House from the front March 2008

House from the back 2007, making a skating rink on Cody Creek.

View from upstairs, July 2006

Cody Creek after a rainfall, July 2006

Front yard June 2007

October 2004


December  2003
Lovey and Christie having a drink

February  2007: Eva, Valerie, Paris and Mais Oui enjoying a game of chase in the back field.

Heading for home.

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