is pictured above at ten months of age. She is full sister to BPISS BPIG Ch. Laureate French Laundry and Ch. Laureate Rachel Ray. She is everything we love in a Sheltie, wonderful outline ,

beautiful type and sweet temperament.  She won BOB and Group 4th as a puppy for four points and then stayed home to grow up.  She finished quickly as an adult and also had a Specialty major reserve.  She didn't love shows, so we didn't go further to pursue her US title.

I should say something about her name...Lutèce, as I have heard many different pronunciations. We pronounce it "Loo-tess" She got her name from a restaurant list I saw. I looked up the meaning and it was also the Gallic name of the city Paris, so that is how she got her call name.  It should be spelled with the accent grave over the first 'e', but I don't always type it that way...being too lazy to find the key.

Once mature, Paris made quick work of her title...BW under breeder judge Nancy Tibben.

And the following day BW, BOS over two female Specials to finish. 
Thank you breeder judge Phil Wendling.

Reserve Winners at the Specialty was Ch Laureate Lutèce (pictured above). 
Thank you Diane Biggar for making Paris look her best!

Paris is the dam of BPIS Ch Laureate Epitome, Ch Laureate Continuum, BPIG Am/Can Ch Laureate Double Exposure,
BPIG Ch Laureate Inception (major points), Laureate Laugh Out Loud

Paris at eight weeks of age.

      Am. Ch. Jade Mist Beyond Tradition, ROM
    Am. Ch Willow Cove's Wild Card, ROM
      Willow Cove's Revelation
  Ch. Laureate Landslide, ROMC
      Am. Ch. Macdega Glenhart Grand Prix, ROM
    Am/Can Ch. Laureate Jammin' Up The Tempo
      Am/Can Ch. Krystalyn Just An Illusion, ROM/ROMC
Ch. Laureate Lutèce
      Am. Ch. Macdega Tiburon, ROM
    Am. Ch. Macdega Sausalito, ROM
      Am. Ch. Sherando Mercedes
  Laureate Tiramisu, ROMC
      Am. Ch. Ozark Crest City Slicker, ROM/ROMC
    BIS/BISS/BPIS Am/Can Ch. Laureate City Angel, ROMC
      BISS Am/Can Ch. Laureate Gabrielle, ROMC


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